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June 25, 2017

Is this thing on? What year is it? Making some updates to this site, webstore, etc. Stay tuned!

October 6, 2009

After over a year in the works, the WAX IMPACT vinyl series is finally off to the pressing plant. Expect a pre-order to go up within the next few weeks. This series is three 7-inches from three unique, up-and-coming bands.

Chris Justice (WAX019) Sweet Misery
Bluesy, poppy, punk rock from Southern California. Chris Justice's debut release gives the listener enough of a taste to have them begging for more. For fans of Social Distortion.

*Sample track from Sweet Misery

Shanghai Wires (WAX020) Headshots
The Shanghai Wires bring a sound all their own. Mixing English Beach Punk with '77 undertones.

*Sample track from Headshots

Disco Lepers (WAX021) (The Boys From) Ebola
Super catchy, lo-fi punk straight out of London. Seven dirty, urine-soaked tracks to get your toes tapping and your heart stopping. For fans of Le Shok, The Distraction, and Neon King Kong.

*Sample track from (The Boys From) Ebola

July 2, 2009

A year without an update!? Here's a quick rundown of what's going:

-Smartbomb Diamond Heist LP is out now on 3 different colors of vinyl
-Finally getting the WAX IMPACT 7" series out by the end of Summer

May 7, 2008

News on the Dog Company front, we have the jackets and inserts in and we're just waiting on the test pressings. It'll be worth the wait, we promise.

It's vacation time here at the Slab-o HQ, so we'll be closed from the 14th-29th of May. Any order placed during this time will be shipped after the 29th. Thanks!

March 19, 2008

We're working on a new super-limited 7" series called WAX IMPACT. This 7" series will be limited to 250-300 on colored vinyl, in full-color dangerhouse-style sleeves, and will include cards to download digital versions of the tracks.

The new Avenue Rose "Electric" 7" is available now on three different colors of vinyl. Gritty mixture of mid-tempo power pop and rock n� roll, toe-tapping beats, and clean-but-not-too-clean guitars. 7" was produced by Steve E. Nix of the Briefs/Cute Lepers fame.

February 13, 2008
Two updates in one week?! We just got in the long awaited 7" single from War of Words. You can now end your barrage of hate mail and pick up the 7" here.

February 11, 2008
Quick Smartbomb update: "Chaos and Lawlessness" 7" EP is available for pre-order. This hockey puck of a 7" is pressed on 70gram vinyl and is available in 3 different colors. Just so you know, all orders will not ship until February 19th.

On the new release front, we have a lot of good stuff in the pipeline: Dog Company "Songs of Discontent" CD/LP, War of Words "Dim World Act II" Digipak CD, Avenue Rose "Electric" 7", and a new 7" series. So start saving your nickels and dimes.

Also, if you haven't picked up Mean Streets "About You" 7" (shame on you if you haven't), it's available here.

December 16, 2007
We will be closed December 17-27 for the Holidays. Thanks.

November 2, 2007
Dog Company is in the studio this month to put the finishing touches on their debut CD/LP Songs of Discontent. We're going all out for this 15-song bruiser; we can't say exactly what we are doing just yet, but it's gonna be good.

Out this month

Mean Streets About You 7"
100 on black and blue vinyl (only available from the label & the band)
400 on white with pink splatter
7" includes 11 x 17 poster that you can put on your wall next to your poster of Corey Haim

Coming very soon

War of Words The Tale Continues 7"
300 on solid yellow
500 on black

January 24, 2007
Updates?! We don't need no stinking updates!

Ok, maybe we do need some stinking updates. We have some great records lined up for the new year, but most of it is still top secret at the moment. We'll fill you in as soon as it becomes official.

Also, no work will get done this week cuz we're still nursing our hangovers from the Punk Rock Bowling Tournament from last weekend. We placed 12th out of 56 teams in the B League Finals--not too shabby for our first year. We probably would've done better, but yours truly thought it would be a good idea to play blackjack until 8am and then get up and bowl at 11:30. Word of advice: the dealers don't like it when you spill drinks on their table.

April 14, 2006
OK, it's been several months since our last update. Are we sorry? Fuck no! Instead of giving you your precious updates we've been hard at work bringing you some of the best punk from both sides of the Mississippi.

With that said, we do have some news to satisfy your update appetite:

-Shock Nagasaki's 7-inch is now available in the order section. This 7-inch features two smokin' tunes from their up coming full length Year of the Spy on Rebellion Records.

-We would like to welcome The Pegs to our dysfunctional little family. These guys are definitely not newbies. They've been featured on Hostage Records' Tower 13 LP comp, released a self titled 7-inch on the same label, and an EP on Pop Scar records. These guys have a definite OC sound. Think TSOL meets snotty beach punk.

-In the next few months we will be kicking off our all vinyl monthly podcast called Waximum Overdrive! We will be spinning vinyl from all your favorite punk rockers, and some you may have never heard of. So keep your eyes peeled for that.

November 17, 2005
It's a real red-letter day here at the Slab-o HQ. After months and months and months of waiting, War of Words' Revenge 7-inch is finally here. The first pressing is NOT on colored vinyl, thanks to our former pressing plant's fuck-ups. But, we have word that the colored vinyl version should be arriving very soon. In the meantime, you can get your grubby little mitts on the black vinyl version in the order section.

October 13, 2005
We're proud to announce two new additions to the label: Syracuse, NY�s Shock Nagasaki and San Antonio�s own Total 13. Keep your eyes peeled for their releases in the coming months.

September 20, 2005
We're a little slow when it comes to news, if you hadn't already noticed. But for those who don't know, Damage Case has signed to Punk Core Records and their debut full length should be out sometime in early 2006!

September 14, 2005
The Flatliners' Let It Go 7"s are in and available in the order section. These 7"s are violet/grey splatter vinyl with full color labels.

September 6, 2005
The Flatliners' Let It Go CD is in and available in the order section. The 7"s should be here very soon.

July 15, 2005
It's been so long since I've updated this thing, I think I've forgotten how. Anyway, I'm here to bring you some good news and some better news.

Good news first. After some serious problems with this release, War of Words' Revenge 7" is at the pressing plant and we are currently awaiting the test pressings(for the second time). This band is pretty damn amazing and if you have a chance you should pick up their debut 7".

Now, the great news. The Flatliners' Let It Go 7"/CDEP has finally made its way to the pressing plant! I want to stress that these three songs are their best release to date and we've pulled out all the stops to make sure it looks great too. The cover art was done by none other than Michael Bukowski (NOFX, Rock Against Bush, etc...) and it looks fucking amazing! We've also chosen to go through a new pressing plant, which means thicker, better sounding vinyl.

January 14, 2005
A quick bit of news for the new year...

Complete Control has an interview in the February issue of MRR, which should be in stores now. Their LP Reaction also made several of the year end top ten lists.

Also, we would like to welcome War of Words to the label. These guys also have a 7-inch coming out on Welfare Records in about a month.

Older news...

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